A word from our Chairman:
Pursuing legacy by empowering global leaders

Our family has always been very active members of its community. I have always felt compelled ever since by this responsibility, and I think there is no better time that these times to step up to our nation’s challenges.

The Covid-19 is challenging us all, and our family, along with our other friends and business partners, must now act to help speed the process to transform our economy, for the benefit of my generation and those to come.
RainMKRS is one of the initiatives I designed to help shape our future with my business partners. I am, in the context of both RainMKRS and The Monarch Group, investing and dedicating resources to lead several initiatives in hope, in all humility, to contribute to our collective success and well being.

I have realized through my different assignments at ADIA, Abu Dhabi Power and Transco, and through my initiatives within The Monarch Group, how I could lead other leaders to create impact locally, and globally.
Mohamed Jouan Al-Dhaheri