Who we are

About US

With offices in Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Montreal (Canada), RainMKRS is an entrepreneurial catalyst whose mission is to bring together the world’s leading companies, institutions and entrepreneurs &  UAE’s prominent stakeholders in the food and agriculture industry. 

RainMKRS helps bridge the gap between these stakeholders and accelerate the progress on critical and strategic components in support of the UAE desire to achieve food security. We invest in and lead the development of sustainable businesses and projects, locally and globally.

RainMKRS provides strategic support and guidance and is your trusted partner for any projects in the UAE and GCC. We are very interested in innovation, education and growth in the food & agriculture, real estate and investment industries.
RainMKRS is built atop three fundamental cornerstones
Private Equity and
Sustainable Investment Vehicles
Agriculture and Food Security
Proptech and Real Estate
Rainmaker    noun

1. a person who attempts to cause rain to fall, either by rituals or by a scientific technique such as seeding clouds with crystals.
2. a person who generates income for a business or organization by brokering deals or attracting clients or funds.

RainMakers was created and imagined in the United Arab Emirates, in the middle of the desert, where rain means life and hope. The importance and significance of the rain in the Middle East is one very different from the one portrait in the western world. The venue of rain is seen as a blessing and as good omen.
In meteorology, the four dots positioned in a diamond shape represent continuous rain, heavy at the time of observation. The brand symbolises the heavy rain over a large M representing rainmakers. Of all the various types of rain, we believe pouring rain is the closest to what we are setting out to achieve.

Our Core Values

Act with the highest degree of integrity

Every action and decision we make is guided by integrity, honesty and is made with the best interest of every stakeholder in mind.

Be Global

The core nature of what we do is to build bridges between cultures and people. We provide an exclusive & human experience to the very business nature of our intervention.

Think outside the box,
Have Fun & Be awesome

We are leaders and entrepreneurs. As such, we innovate, pioneer, transform, and disrupt.We are passionate, engaged and driven.

Forge legacies

Our teams, our partners and our investors are all driven by the intimate desire to create sustainable impacts for generations to come.